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We are an honest and transparent Digital Marketing company that will treat you and your business like you are our own family member! If it matters to you it matters to us.

Think of search engine optimisation as digital real estate. Your business website yearns to move from a bad neighbourhood (pages two and beyond of Google) to the only street to live on if you want your business to be seen and thrive -Web Street (houses 1-10 to be exact). It is our job to get you there!

SEO isn’t simple or easy. Google rates websites based on over 200 ranking criteria – and constantly tweaks the algorithm, up to 600 times in a year in fact! A good SEO company needs to be on the ball with the latest changes and to be constantly working with you to ensure you stay in your well-earned spot.

A company worth its’ salt will firstly begin by evaluating your business needs and requirements. It is pointless spending money on getting your beautiful website moved to a supremely sought after spot on Web Street if, when the customer arrives they do not find what they are looking for, or their user experience is frustrating and they immediately press the back button. You may as well just give your competitors your business. This is why digital marketing needs to be multi-faceted, highly-personalised and tailored to your business needs. You may not even like what you hear, but we can promise you we will tell you what you need.

Getting your site fine-tuned to become a magnet that attracts your perfect audience, whilst also ensuring those visitors convert into paying customers takes research and analysis, time and effort. Companies that offer to do all this quickly and at bargain prices can do damage to your site and your reputation. Good quality SEO that sticks takes time- don’t be told otherwise.

Knowing where to begin for optimum results takes ample research and plenty of resources. That is where we come in. This is an essential and extremely worthwhile investment in time and money because it will earn you a high return, and good SEO must deliver huge ROI!

What does SEO cost?

If an SEO consultant delivers a boost in sales and profit that’s 5, or 25 times what you paid, it didn’t cost you anything!

What you take on is ultimately down to your circumstances. If you are a new business who is yet to make a steady profit you may wish to start small and as your success increases so can your investment. If you are an established business already competing with the big boys your investment should reflect that.

What will you get from us?

After learning about your business,  your goals and budget, we will begin researching and analysing. We will help you to see where the strengths and weaknesses lie and advise on what can be done to ensure your success. We will tailor our services to suit your criteria.

Looking for a WordPress website set up? Need help with a logo, or content? Keyword research? Social Media pages? Inbound marketing with 10 Web Street can offer the whole package, or simply let us know which areas you need help with, and we will show you what we can do for you.

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