10 web street seo & design  WordPress Site Set-Up & Design

Let us set up your WordPress website for you (Why WordPress?)


10 web street seo & design   Logo & Branding

A logo is the face of your company; it identifies you. Your brand is your company’s image. Together they are your promise to your customer. It is crucial to get this right!


10 web street seo & design  Search Engine Optimisation

If your website doesn’t show up for your company’s critical keywords on the first page of Google you have a problem! SEO is serious business. A spot in the top 3 places will produce stupendous returns (all you have to do is ensure that visit converts) In this digital age you simply have to be on Web Street!


10 web street seo & design  On-line Reputation Management

Negative reviews, comments or malicious attacks on your business can sink it fast. We can help prevent and manage your spotless reputation.



10 web street seo & design  WordPress Security

Your website needs to stay as safe as houses to protect it from spam and hackers. It is paramount to your success to keep the site running problem free by ensuring your site is regularly backed- up and the correct preventative measures taken.



10 web street seo & design  Hosting

A site simply has to be up, running and open for business at all times. We can provide, or help advise you of, the best hosting available and set this up for you if desired.


10 web street seo & design  Content

Content is king! All the SEO expertise in the world will not interest or convert a potential customer or client if they come to visit your site and are left wanting. Great content is essential. It has to be relevant, fresh, keyword- optimised and posted regularly and at the right times. Let us handle your content for you.


10 web street seo & design  Social Media

Social platforms give a business a voice, an audience and authority. A Facebook, Google + and Twitter page, to name a few, help rank your site and build a positive reputation.


10 web street seo & design  Digital Marketing Strategies

It can be overwhelming when starting or growing a business, to know just where to begin and how to go about your marketing strategy. There is no one-size fits all package, and with trends and algorithmic fluctuations altering at a crazy rate- sometimes by the day- it can be hard to keep up! This is why you need a company like 10 Web Street who will stay abreast of changes and techniques and be ready to implement new strategies in a timely manner, while giving you a personal, friendly no-nonsense approach. We do not make promises we cannot keep. We do not sell you services you do not need. Your results reflect our results, and we will treat you and your business like it was our own.



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